Maol Iosa – Diary
Maol Iosa = servant or follower of Jesus. I should make clear that the 2012 entries were written last year on the day of the events described or on the day after. Summary: surgeon phones – listening to the inner voice.

Servant of Jesus (11)
Monday 9th July 2012

In the evening we got a surprise phone call. It was the kind surgeon who was dealing with Margaret’s case. When Margaret explained that she was worried that the cancer would spread if she had to wait for weeks, he assured her that it would take months for that to happen at the stage she was at. There would be a meeting of the interdisciplinary team the coming Friday and he would let us know what the next steps would be. It was then we realised we had picked him up wrong when he phoned after Margaret had the scan. The team meeting was this coming Friday and the meetings were once a month, not weekly.

I’ve lately been trying harder to listen to the inner voice – “the small still voice.” It is so easy to get distracted from listening to what God is saying and there is something I would call “the practice of listening.” In the parable of the sower in Luke 8 Jesus is talking about this very thing. The seed represents the word of God and some fell on the path. The path could represent – among other things – the path of the world, the well-worn way of the world. Many people hear the Word, or God speaking to their heart as they pass through life, but they ignore it and treat it as rubbish.

Some seeds fell on rock. These were people who gladly heard and accepted God but the plant in their heart had no root and when “the time of testing came” they stopped believing and listening. Some fell among thorns. “Life’s worries, riches and pleasures” means they stop listening. Some fell on good soil. These are the people “who hear the Word, retain it, and by persevering produce a good crop.”

This practice of listening to the inner voice and continuing to listen is not easy. It might mean forgetting everything else and looking to God alone. In the quietness God speaks. But then there’s the obedience; for if you have a conviction from the inner voice of what you should do, you should obey. And often obedience is the most difficult thing, for God might be telling you to do something which is going to take you away from your own interests.