IMG_6827Ochill Hills
Ochill Hills   (Photo credit: Scott Murray)

End of term

End of term for the local schools, Staffin and Kilmuir, today and there was a short church service in the Free Church, Kilmuir. The church is just beside the school. The school in Uig is closed now, or mothballed, and the children from there now attend Kilmuir school.

It was nice to see the children precenting the psalms in Gaelic. I’m really excited about that for a number of reasons. Their Gaelic is excellent and it’s so good to hear them continuing the local traditions, both the Christian and cultural heritage. Gaelic psalm- singing has been the tradition in the Trotternish area for generations and I have no doubt that it’s a great blessing in many different ways. I’ve heard it said time and again that there is something spiritual and very moving about Gaelic psalm-singing. God can use any means …

There was also a bit of fun for the children. They were asked to close their eyes, one of the adults at the back was asked to speak, and they had to recognise the voice. This was based on the good shepherd parable in John 10. As a former teacher, I know how important the child’s involvement in learning is. So I really enjoyed that bit! But where were the parents and grandparents? It would have been nice to have had more adults. Perhaps next year.

In the 2001 census, there were up to 60% Gaelic speakers in the area, so it’s good to hear Gaelic being used publicly. As far as I know, the Gaelic district figures for the 2011 census have not yet been released.

Seinn nan salm

Tha rud uabhasach spioradail mu dheidhinn a bhith seinn sailm ann an Gàidhlig. Chan eil mi cinnteach carson a tha sin ach tha beachd no dhà agam a dh’fhaodadh a bhith ceàrr! Faodaidh Dia meadhan sam bith a chleachdadh airson e fhèin fhoillseachadh do dhaoine. Agus gun teagamh sam bith bidh E a’ cleachdadh iomadh meadhan. Bho thaobh daonna, ‘s e cànan brèagha ceòlmhòr a tha sa Ghàidhlig, math airson seinn; tha na fuinn àlainn còmhla ri na facail; ann an dòigh nach buileach tuig sinn, tha beannachadh a’ leantainn bho ghinealach às dèidh ginealach a bhith a’ seinn nan salm.