Kensaleyre, Skye
(photo – Steve Taylor)

The God obsession

Looking back on my blog, I realize I haven’t written anything for a few months. I started the blog in March 2013, over two years ago, and there I told about the unsettling and amazing things that happened to me and my wife. As a former sceptic turned believer, I had a lot to tell and looking back over the blog entries, I’ve probably said all I can usefully say on philosophical and scientific arguments for the Christian faith. At the end of the day, whether one believes or not is a very personal matter between the individual and God. In the West most people appear to be obsessed with temporal idols such as money, material goods, sports or whatever, and it’s only when the eternal breaks through in some way – a serious illness, death, or a supernatural event – that they can become obsessed with God.

The evidence

For me it was a series of trans-physical events that brought me to a serious belief in God. To tell the truth, it was a total shock. It is easy to brush belief in God aside as a subjective delusion but not if concrete, objective events happen that contravene the ordinary laws of nature, such as gravity. Richard Dawkins and other new atheists will say, Where is your evidence? Well, there is my evidence. True I have only one witness, my wife, for what happened on most occasions. I say ‘most occasions’, because on two occasions there were other witnesses.

Neist Point, Skye
(Photo – Steve Taylor)

Another dimension

I have told about some of these events in previous blog entries. The bottom line is that these prove for me that the world is not a closed system of cause and effect. There is a dimension which can affect us from ‘beyond’, as it were. It was the cumulative effect and apparent ‘intelligence’ of these events in their specific contexts which gave the events their compulsive force. They were a shock to me, because before that I had bought into the materialist idea that the world was a closed system. Not any more. I am now thoroughly convinced to the contrary.

A message of love

Belief in the supernatural is fine, but it’s not enough. What happened to me led me naturally to believe in a deity who wanted to communicate with humanity, and the Bible for me was the evidence I needed. The amazing trans-physical events only reinforced what the Bible was saying, that the Messiah was indeed the creator Himself seeking to attract mankind to His message of love through the death of His son on the cross, what was also His own death. You couldn’t make it up, could you? What the Bible reveals could only be a divine revelation.